Friday, March 08, 2013

Review: Truth by Aleatha Romig

Truth by Aleatha Romig
Series: Consequences #2
Genre Thriller

If you haven't read Consequences then you need to read it! It was such a thrill ride with such an ending that I absolutely needed to find the Truth and learn more about these characters. Ms. Romig did not let me down! The twists and turns and compelling characters which I found in the first book have returned with more mysteries and higher stakes. There are new characters introduced who added to the plot. One of the best thing about the series is definitely the plot. It's so intelligent and has so many layers and characters and significant events involved. Everything matters, from the people, the past and present events, and especially people's actions which always have consequences. Tony, the villain is back and I found he was even more interesting because he has so many faces to him. He's still cunning but he has a weakness and that is Claire. She has toughened up and isn't about to allow herself to be controlled by Tony (or so she thinks). Claire has her much fought for freedom but quickly realizes she is far from escaping Tony and his plan. What exactly is his plan? What past actions is Claire paying for? Who is the mastermind? All this will be revealed in this book and it is revealed in an addictive way. The book switches from characters and although it's not always clear purpose at first,  it does eventually make sense. Towards the end, I was in for another twist. Some things I expected and some I did not. What I expected and got was a compelling read.

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