Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Mirror Image by Sandra Brown

Mirror Image by Sandra Brown
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Thriller

It's hard to imagine being in Avery's shoes, especially since she survived a horrific plane crash and undergoes drastic facial reconstructive surgery. It's to the point where she looks just like another woman and finds herself playing the role of wife to that woman's husband. That said, the plot was an interesting one and I found myself quickly turning the pages. It turns out the person she impersonates isn't a normal everyday wife, but one to a powerful man with many enemies. Being a reporter she takes it upon herself to investigate and uncover the mystery and stay away from the danger that lurks everywhere. There was some great chemistry between Avery and Tate. I found it hard at times that he really couldn't tell Avery apart from Carole, his wife that Avery is pretending to be. Aside from that the plot was complex with a lot of players involved and the mystery kept me guessing as to who were the bad guys. The story was fast-paced, had dangerous moments, and romance. These are all the things I like in a romantic suspense. It isn't my favorite book by Sandra Brown but still a good read.

Obsession by Karen Robards


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