About Me

I recently started my own blog as a way to share my love of books with the world. There are so many book blogs out there and I have found many new books to read thanks to them. I hope you will also find some great reads from my blog. I plan to write about the books I read or want to read, talk about other books-related issues and also about life in general!

I am an avid reader and you can find me reading almost all the time during my spare time. My TBR pile is HUGE and I relish the challenge of reading from it and adding to it. Books really do make great escapes. Since all the books I've been talking about or will review are mine or borrowed from the library you can expect a mixture of new releases and most likely, older books. Hopefully you'll discover a book you've never heard about or have forgotten, but would like to give a try.

Currently, I do not have review ratings. That is because I would prefer to just write what I like and didn't like about a book. You will be able to tell my feelings from a book that way :)

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