Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sweet Valley High ebooks

I remember the days when Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their family and friends dominated my reading world. Each month I would run to the bookstore or library to snap up the latest installment in the series only to finish reading that book in a few hours. It wasn't just the SVH series that kept me entertained but also the other ones like Sweet Valley Kids and Sweet Valley University. I miss those days! They were entertaining without being racy and they are books I hope a new generation of readers can discover. I read the new Sweet Valley Confidential but I wasn't impressed. It didn't have the same "feel" or "voice" but with a new e-serial spin-off (The Sweet Life #1) I may give the new ones another chance. Right now I'm happy the old SVH books have been released as ebooks. The covers appeal to me because of their classic look, being very similar to the originals with slight changes.

Only $2.99 each!  Just click on the covers and you can find more information. is also offering these books.

I also remember rushing home after school to catch SVH on television. I admit the TV shows weren't as good as the books, but then again when aren't books better? To this day, the TV characters still represent my visual of the book characters.

I hope more of my old favorites are re-issued whether as ebooks or books. I used to own most of the books and gave them away in a move. That is a regret because they weren't easy to find but now I can start the series again. If it's true that a Sweet Valley movie is in the works I'm definitely going to want to take a walk down memory lane.