Monday, December 17, 2012

My Tip on Combating Dry Skin in the Winter

For the most part I have pretty good skin. Acne-free, the occasional adult pimple and even tone skin. I should be thankful and I am, for good genes and being proactive about taking care of my skin. I drink lots of water, try to eat as healthy as possible and take my vitamins. I still need to work on getting more sleep, though. One thing that really gets to me, especially during the Winter season is that the skin on my face gets really dry and has dry, flaky patches. I've been trying for so long to figure out a way to get rid of them without much success. I use higher name brands of face moisturizing lotions from grocery stores and still can't see much result. Sometimes they'll help but in a few hours the dryness will creep through. I was recommended the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and this stuff works. I should say I was skeptical at first, because it wasn't a specific face care cream or lotion but a general body cream. Plus, I had heard of the brand before but in the context of people who had acne or severe skin problems or sensitivity, none of which I had. I had normal to better than average skin with some dryness. I wasn't sure if I should be using a body cream for my face.

Well, I used it my face feels smooth and looks moisturized. What I mean by this is that my skin has that dewy look so I look refreshed. It wasn't greasy but can be a bit if you use too much. I have combination skin and use a about a finger dip. I'm not too crazy about the jar packaging because I like to pump lotion onto my hand. The texture is a bit hard so it's not watery or oily. I rub it all over my face but use slightly less around my t-zone which tends to be more oily than the other areas of my face. Mostly I use it overnight or in the evening after I've washed my face. I will use it during the day, but only if I don't go out because I do not go out without using SPF sunscreen on my face, which this product doesn't have. I did find a Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer with SPF on it. Now that I know this product works for my face I might try it next.

I did find it pricey at first but then I thought back to all the bottles of face lotions I did use and the price was comparable, considering it's such a big jar. And I can use it on other parts of my body. They works on elbows and foot too, but I make sure to scoop out the needed amount to avoid reaching into the jar again, which isn't very hygienic.When I picked this up, I also bought the Vaseline Skin Therapy jar. I have heard many good things about Vaseline but just never tried it. This also works at moisturizing my face, though I found it slightly more greasy. It is a cheaper alternative.

I have combination normal skin and my mom has oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin and we both use it, and find it works for us. This is the first Winter in a long time, maybe even ever where my skin feels soft to the touch and there are no more pesky patches. It was worth it to us and I recommend trying this if you need to solve dry skin.