Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

When I need a funny and romantic read, I know I can always turn to Susan Elizabeth Phillips's books. She can make me really care for the characters and enjoy seeing them fall in love. One of my favorite books by her is Kiss an Angel. The heroine, Daisy is so friendly, though a bit too soft but it's a nice contrast to the hero, Alex, who is very much jaded and bitter. Ah, you can definitely see the potential for entertaining dialogue here! I also found the story entertaining in other ways. There's a circus on hand, some adorable animals and a couple you'll want to root on. In this setting I met a lot of unusual characters and learned a thing or two about the circus business. It's a hard life and one Alex is determined to introduce to Daisy. Thankfully, she continually surprises him and herself. It is a very heart-warming story.

Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Genre: Contemporary Romance
How did pretty, flighty Daisy Devreaux find herself in this fix? She can either go to jail or marry the mystery man her father has chosen for her. Alex Markov, however, has no intention of playing the loving bridegroom to a spoiled little featherhead with champagne tastes. As humorless as he is deadly handsome, he drags the irrepressible Daisy away from her uptown life and sets out to tame her.
Except it won't be as easy as he thinks. This man without a soul has met a woman who's nothing but heart. Will vows spoken in haste shatter . . . or offer the promise of love everlasting?