Monday, December 31, 2012

My Book Resolutions

I'm making some book goals for 2013 that I am hoping to meet this coming year.

First, I would like to put more content on this blog. I've had it up and running for several weeks and quickly discovered how fun and challenging it is to maintain it. I hope to see it grow and attract more readers.

I read from several genres already and I'm hoping to keep reading from multiple genres and even more outside of my normal reads.

I want to read more indie books. Last year I discovered Kristen Ashley's books and lucked out.
The Gamble is one of my favorite romance.

I want to continue and finish up a few series such the In Death series by Nora Roberts and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.

I want to try more new authors, especially male authors.

Most importantly, I want to enjoy what I read. Since all the books I read, review and talk about here are acquired by me that should be easy to accomplish :) Even with that said I won't pressure myself to read what everyone is buzzing about unless I want to read it and think I'll like it.

What are your book goals for 2013?