Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Angels Fall by Nora Roberts

Angels Fall by Nora Roberts
Genre: Romantic Suspense

I always enjoy Nora Roberts's romantic suspense books. I just like the combination of romance and suspense which are paired together wonderfully. This is was the case here. After all Reece has been through (she has a pretty tragic past) I wanted her to find peace and love. I knew that to have this she also needed to face her past, which she definitely did. I was really involved in the mystery. It took almost to the end for me to solve the mystery and it was a good one. Is Reece going crazy, or is there something more sinister going on? In comes Brody, whose traits match his name well. He's rugged, gruffy and very much like a mountain man. It works considering the environment. I really liked the setting. I could understand why Reece would run away to such a wild and isolate, yet beautiful place.

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Right after reading this I knew I wanted to see the film version just to see the story come to life. It wasn't as good as the novel but I did enjoy seeing the setting and the characters act out certain scenes.

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