Monday, January 07, 2013

Free Books

* Update: I went though the original list and removed the books that were no longer freebies. Most freebies are time-sensitive but they are great while they last so I will try to post a list every once in a while :)

I love finding great deals on books and the best deals of all are the FREE ones, of course. Amazon has a bunch of them. You can check them out below. Just click on the cover to learn more about the book. At the time of posting these were all free, but please double check before "buying" to make sure it still is. I don't know how long these books will remain free so snap them up soon. Enjoy!


Holly Letson said...

Thanks. I grabbed a couple of them that were still FREE. Most were no longer FREE. But, I appreciate you making a list.

Life & The Next Best Read said...

You're welcome. Glad you could still find some free ones available. I know some freebies only last a day or so and wished they lasted longer!